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Online Dating is Killing my Movtivation

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28 мая 2018

1. If I'm getting a reasonable number of dates off Tinder (1-5 per week), is there any reason why I would even need to learn other forms of game? I guess what I'm asking is: Are girls I meet online lower quality than those I would meet IRL? If so, why is that?
2. Motivating ourselves to do something when we're still pretty bad at it/lack the habit of doing so is hard enough as is. Add the fact that I have another way of reaching my goal and all of us sudden, motivating myself to go out has become nearly impossible. I've considered deleting Tinder. But I feel like this would hinder my game more than help it. Why? Because I would all of us sudden be starting over. I'd have less dates, I'd lose my abundance mentality, I'd forget/ become sloppier in my execution etc. So I feel like just deleting Tinder is a bad idea.
Having said that, any advice for getting motivated to go out?

Please help.

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Blushing forum »   Знакомства »   Online Dating is Killing my Movtivation

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